Eel River

The Eel River is vulnerable to nitrogen pollution.

Algae growth in the Eel River is limited by limiting how much nitrogen gets into the river. More nitrogen causes more algae.

Extra nitrogen entering the groundwater from the Town's new wastewater facility will cause algae and plant growth, choking the river with many tons of water plants and algae. Ultimately the fish, the wildlife, and the river itself will die.

The Redfield Ratio chart shown below shows the river's sensitivity to extra nitrogen. The Redfield Ratio is the relationship between inorganic nitrogen and inorganic phosphorus in the river water.

Samples were taken at several locations at different times of the year. The sampling locations marked in yellow are downstream from the Plymouth's new wastewater treatment facility, and will be impacted by nitrogen discharged into the ground by the facility.

The areas colored red or magenta indicate sensitivity to nitrogen pollution, and the sampling locations downstream from the wastewater plant are mostly red or magenta.

Redfield ratio