Eel River

About us

  • The Eel River Watershed Association is a non-profit organization
    dedicated to protecting the Eel River and its wildlife

  • We were incorporated in 1997.

  • Over 100 households in the watershed are members of the Association.

Eel River

Contact information

Mailing address:
128 Sandwich Road, Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone: 508-747-0493

Watershed statistics

  • The Eel River Watershed in Plymouth, Massachusetts is recognized as an area of outstanding aesthetic and biological value. The watershed contains rural landscapes, landscapes of historic importance, and agrarian landscapes of regional significance.

  • 31 state-and federal- listed rare species , are found in the Eel River Watershed and depend upon the River, its ponds, wetland resource areas and watershed for their survival.

  • Approximately 43% of the watershed is considered BioMap habitat, with 3,167 acres (33.6%) considered core habitat and another 855 acres (9.2%) supporting natural landscape.

  • Over 500 acres of the Eel River and associated uplands (approximately 5% of the watershed) are classified as “priority habitats of rare species”, containing plant and or animal populations protected under Massachusetts’ Endangered Species Act.

  • Courtesy of the Regional Conservation Planning Program,
    Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences